Monday, January 4, 2016

12 new months = 12 new "tries". January.1

Every year my husband and I commit to trying 12 new recipes - partly because we subscribe to cooking magazines and it's a way of justifying the expense of the subscription, and partly because we really love trying new foods!  This year I thought I'd feature our 12 "tries" here!

So January 4th I tried a version of "Bullet Proof Coffee" that everyone has been raving about. The correct recipe is here , but I'm feeling fairly lazy so I made my own version. When I first heard about this diet marvel I thought "no way am I gonna get the blender dirty for a cup of coffee" and then I pondered the idea of adding butter and oil to your coffee...seems counter intuitive to me.

So this morning I decided to toss a large spoon of coconut oil and a small spoon of sugar-in-the-raw into my strong cup of brewed coffee. I stirred briskly, in a sorta blender-like manner.

The coffee has a sheen of oil on the surface which is fairly gross. It tastes AH-Mahzing! There's an oily aftertaste but it's smooth and rich and delish.

It can't really be good for you - I get the concept of the extra energy you have from the fats - but for now I'll stick with plain brewed coffee. That said, on those days that the brew is extra bitter and dark I now know that a spoonful of coconut oil smooths out the taste and it's a delicious treat!
So there you first "try" of the year.